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I strongly recommend this magnificent film about a remarkable woman: she survived the horrors

of the concentration camp she was sent to, with her whole family. After the liberation of the camps,

she returned to France, She dedicated her life to the promotion of social issues was the first

woman at the head of the European Parliament.

As secretary of State for health , she prepared the draft bill which gave French women access to



Simone Veil - Une Vie

This autobiography deserves reading. It  tells us about Simone Veil's life from her childhood in Nice till she entered  Académie Française in 2008. She then survived the horrors of the concentration camps in 1944 and 1945. 

Upon her return to France, she studied Law, married, had a family and started her career as a magistrate. She was very concerned with social issues, adhered to humanist values through her commitment to

the Republican ideals. Simone Veil had a generous personality and a determination to fight inequalities.

She died on the 30th of June 2017. her remains and those of her husband were transferred to the Panthéon on 28th of June 2018.

Une vie.jpg


Beyrouth-sur-Seine de Sabyl Ghoussoub

This book has been awarded the Goncourt Prize for High School students

it relates the story of Sabyl’s family who left the war in Lebanon in the seventies to seek asylum in France.It is a beautiful story paying hommage to all who are in exile.

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